Five shows to see

With the Sydney Festival starting this Thursday the 9th of January, we have picked our top 5 shows to go and see. Have a squiz and get down to at least one, if not all of them!



Go and see Donny Benét if you want to be entertained without having to take your evening too seriously. Drawing inspiration from Italian disco and TV shows like 'The Tim and Eric Awesome Show'. Donny Benét creates a Miami Vice persona who performs electro grooves with a bit of funk in soul, using a drum machine, bass and synth.




When you have Tyondai Braxton involved you know it's gonna be something special. The former Battles frontman brings his  new performance 'HIVE' that is a musical installation using synths and percussion set in front of architecturally designed illuminated platforms.'100 Million Lights' brings together electronic musicians Canyons & artist Daniel Boyd to create a musical and visual extravaganza. Boyd's work reinterprets Aboriginal and Australian-European history and places it upon a three panel video installation. With Canyons sure to be pumping their dreamy disco electronica around the room to keep your feet moving.





One of the greatest big bands of all time. Sun Ra Arkestra brings a 12 piece jazz orchestra that will take you on an intergalactic journey through time. Sun Ra was a true legend until his passing in 93, using his talent on the piano to greater affect by using his mythology to compose and lead the band. Now with Allen at the helm, the show definitely still packs punch. With freeform jazz and experimentation that will explode from their instruments and fill the stage with sounds that perfectly compliment the bright psychadelic outfits they perform in.





If Koyaanisqatsi rings a bell then you are in for a treat. If it doesn't then get ready for a game changer. Visitors is Godfrey Reggio's latest documentary that seems to follow on from his Qatsi trilogy. With music from the haunting Phillip Glass that will be performed by the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, this film falls into the genre of documentaries such as Baraka or the more recent Samsara, but with a more urban and modern direction. Take your time with this one as we are sure that anyone you invite this to will be grateful for the eye opening experience. 






As the revival of Detroit Techno blows up around us, The Sydney Festival has brought back the man credited as the pioneer of the genre. With strong influences from Parliament to Kraftwerk to Prince, Juan has been inventing electronic music since he released the single 'Cosmic Cars' with his longtime friend and legendary producer Derrick May in 82'. Performing their own contemporary electro along side him at the Town Hall will be Germany's Roland Tings and Sydney's own Wave Racer. So get your dancing shoes on and head down to what is sure to be a heavy hitting party inside the heart of Sydney.






Dony Benét


HIVE + 100 Million Lights


Sun Ra Arkestra




Modular Night: Juan Atkins