Sometimes Launch Party

Most of the time we spend our time selling nice things to nice people, but we’re also interested in so much more… like making magazines. Often we feel like the days turn into night too soon but somehow we managed to find the time to create Issue 3 of our annual magazine Sometimes. And this much-abridged version of our current inspiration makes us feel good about all the wonderfully creative people we have the daily pleasure of dealing with.

So here we sit, having once again been on a journey to create something for you to love and to keep. The time has come for us to share our latest creative captivation and we’d love for you to join us to celebrate the release of Sometimes Issue 3.

Issue 3 wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our partners so while we’re here we’d like to thank The Thousands, The National Grid, The Embassy of Sweden and Finsbury Green and the good people from Corona, Sailor Jerry and Kirin Cider who will be kindly providing beverages.