The Heavy Collective

The awesome dudes and good friends over at The Heavy Collective are putting on an exclusive one nighter. They have brought together a handpicked selection of publications from a range of Australian and international photographers. Along with a healthy collection of self published work from local independent photographers. A veritable menagerie of DIY zines, paraphernalia and short run paper goods will be on offer for the discerning collector.

If you have self published work and would like to be involved in Peep Show, please drop it off at Kind Of– Gallery, 70 Oxford street, Darlinghurst, between 12:00 - 6:00 pm before Wednesday night. Your name, quantities and sale price must be included. If you are sitting on a stockpile of paper trophies and would like to swap Cats Eyes for Comets with local zine enthusiasts all you need to do is show. 

Featuring printed matter from: 

Bolo Paper - Italy
Hamburger Eyes - SF
Blood of the Young - Canada
Nighted - SF
One GIant Arm - UK
Editions Ltd - Melbourne

This wednesday night, Kind Of– at He Made She Made, 70 Oxford street, Darlinghurst 6:00 - 9:00 pm