Focus On: Abandoned Japanese Playscapes In Pictures

Seasonal Abandonment of Imaginary Worlds by Carine Thevenau from Editions Publishing is a collection of abandoned or fading Japanese playgrounds shot during the winter snow season.


The aging playscapes have a longer life cycle than those of the west and exhibit no signs of damage or graffiti. Carine explores Japanese philosophies towards keii (respect) and mottanai (wastefulness).


She aknowleges the playgrounds as the residue of an aging population and the rising Satori Sedai (Enlightened Generation) who value vintage over new designer goods. Carine equates the playgrounds as an origami-like structure of spacetime; folding, unfolding and refolding.


The playgrounds are either abandoned or empty due to seasonal snowfall. The soft, pastel colours set against a snowy and desolate landscape focus a meditative lens on form and colour. With a forward by Guy Keulemans.


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