The Perfect Frame of Mind

Choosing the perfect pair of sunnies can be a mind-boggling task. Well, fret no more cos we're here to help! Norwegian spectacle innovators, Kaibosh will have something for everyone (no matter your shape or size)! 



Wow! Congrats on the maximum cheekbone!
Your face is somewhat longer than wide, and its outline is kind of angular. Ideally, you'll want to soften those diamond properties of yours. Look for frames where the temples sit high (psst -- try oval, rectangular or cat eyes!) to achieve perfect bone balance. 
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Hello, versatility! Some say that you have the ideal face shape; square, round, pilot or cat, you can have it all! You just have to consider sizes when picking frames for your eyewear wardrobe. Your aim should be to maintain a natural balance. Ready, set, ENJOY!
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You might get told you're baby faced, but we all know you actually have the secret to eternal youth! Lucky you!
Your face is as wide as it is long, and you have full cheeks enhancing your circular profile.

You'll want to try add some definition to your face (meaning sharper angles and straight lines) as this will make your face look longer. But don’t worry if you love round frames too – Kaibosh are rule-breakers and have designed round frames for round faces too! :) 
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Ummm are you a model? At least your face-shape says so. If your face is equally proportionate in length and width and you have a sharp jawline you are probably square (your face shape, not your personality!).
We suggest you go for rounder and softer shapes which will balance your strong jaw line and make your face look longer.
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 Having an oblong face gives you some awesome advantages that many others might envy! You can really rock bold and larger glasses.
To break up the length of your face and make it look shorter, pick frames with depth. Avoid short and too narrow frames, as these will be out of balance. So that´s it - you have the rules, now let the show begin!
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You jaw-dropping babe, you! Your jaw is sharp and a little wider than the rest of your face, so the mission here is to balance your forehead. You'll look great in specs with strong brow-lines, like cat-eyes, and frames with a double bridge.
Gradient frames (with have a darker colour on the top) also work perfectly for you.
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Like our Square-faced, friends, you´re not too far away from the runway with your fashionable face shape. The same rules apply: play with rounder shapes to soften your sharp features. There´s one major difference though; if your face is rectangular you can pull off wider glasses to break up the length of your face. 
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You're a real sweetheart! Whats not to love about a heart?
You're the counterpart to our Triangle shaped friends, in that your chin is the narrowest part of your face. With full cheeks and a generous forehead, you'll want to avoid square frames (as they will only make widen you); instead, you'll want to move the focus downwards. To soften your strong features, go for light colours and rounder shapes.
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